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Paulownia Root Cuttings Taking Orders for Spring 2024

Minimum order of 5
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Product Details

Roots come cut to length at various diameters and ready for field planting. An item is an individual root cutting, and the per-item pricing starts at $5 each. However, buy more to save more. In higher quantities the price can be as little as $2.25 each.

These roots are a hybrid between fortunei and tomentosa. They exhibit a faster growth rate than elongata and are more tolerant of colder climates.

We do not sell root cuttings to locations outside of the continental United States (lower 48 states).

Seasonality: Roots are a seasonal item sold in the Spring after freezing weather has passed. The timeframe during which roots are sold is generally mid-March to mid-June. Shipments begin in April and end in June.

Note: Multiple dropdown selections in the cart will be necessary to add a large number of roots to your order.

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